Irish Whiskey Time!

We have a vast selection of Irish whiskeys to peruse.  Our selection covers the gamut ranging from single malts, peated, blended and aged Irish whiskeys.  Two of our favorites include the line up of Paddy Irish Whiskey (original, Bee Sting and Devil’s Apple) and Kilbeggan.  The former is great for mixing drinks (see recipes below) while Kilbeggan is more of a sipper.


Paddy is a triple distilled blended Irish Whiskey produced in Cork and made, unusually, with all three styles of Irish whiskey: single pot still, single malt and grain. First produced in 1779, it wasn’t until 1913 that it changed its name to Paddy after legendary salesman Paddy Flaherty. Before that it had the rather catchy name of “Cork Distilling Company Map of Ireland Old Irish Whiskey”. Rolls right off the tongue that one…

Newer additions include Paddy Bee Sting made with Irish honey and Paddy Devil’s Apple, their Irish whiskey flavored with apples and warm spices like cinnamon and clove.

Ginger Sting

Pour in one part PADDY Bee Sting and then fill it with ice. Top it off with 4 parts ginger beer and drop in a wedge of lemon.


The Kilbeggan Distillery Reserve Malt Whiskey, the latest addition to the Kilbeggan family of fine whiskeys, is produced from 100 per cent malted barley. Due to the distinctive narrow necks of the ancient pot still design, it is an exceptionally smooth and flavorsome Irish malt whiskey of distinctive character.



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