A personal note…

Lees Wine and Spirits began life in the early 1970’s as a beer and wine department attached to Lees Supermarket. Budweiser and Miller were the mainstays of the beer cooler, and Gallo dominated our wine selection. I remember those days well, when this department was treated with the same respect and attention given to bags of Domino sugar and Campbell’s tomato soup. It was not a stellar beginning though it was an entry point. Change came in the early 1990’s when I returned to the family business and began converting this forgotten department into something I could be proud of; one that over 45 years later has grown into a phenomenal success story that blows me away every day.

Today, our walls are filled with a life and energy that is inexplicably positive. Our shelves team with thousands of wickedly delicious wines from all over the planet, an over the top craft beer selection, and one of the most comprehensive displays of funky spirits imaginable. And our staff, the most important piece of this very wonderful puzzle, radiates an enthusiasm and genuine excitement that is infectious. We know our stuff, and love to share what we know in an unassuming, unintimidating manner. Our fundamental belief is that the enjoyment of fine wine, beer, and spirits is an exploration of the senses; a lifetime journey of discovery made more pleasurable with someone to guide your choices .

Casual, knowledgeable, unassuming and oh so much fun … this is the Lees Wine and Spirits experience. Please join us!

Many business owners who have reached, or are contemplating, retirement do so with a combination of excitement and trepidation. That was certainly me as I approached the finality of selling Lees Market to the Clements family. Excited that my family’s business would continue on with an owner who shares the same core values that I do, yet with the trepidation that comes with winding down a lifetime of work and ,in my case, enjoyment. Sure there were times when things got on my nerves or the pressure felt like I carried an elephant on my back. But that’s life, and everybody feels this to a greater or lesser degree. The great delight in my business career, however, was to create, with a large group of talented people, an iconic brand that put community first. I am proud of this legacy, and wish the new owners the very best. Happily, Lees Wine and Spirits is still firmly and completely under my leadership.

With the unwavering dedication of the most knowledgeable and fun loving staff an owner could ever have the pleasure to work with, we continue to deliver the ultimate experience in fine wine, beer, and spirits retailing. Experience is the operative word. It is not enough for us to offer a vast selection of popular and exotic labels at affordable prices. In fact, the final sale is not our ultimate goal, it is the result of the experience that you have. If we pamper you with our relaxed style, entertain you with our casual fun loving attitude, and surround you with comfort, you will leave with the perfect libation and a sense that you have been to a special place; one that you will return to time and time again. It is with this desire, and this dedication to serving you that Lees Wine and Spirits exists.

So, I hope that you enjoy shopping with us as much as I enjoy having you here. I’m not going to trick you with phoney hype or a bunch of BS … I’m way too old for that. All I ask is that you come in ready to be enveloped and pampered in a relaxed atmosphere of complete enjoyment. Heather, Becky, Becky, Jane, Janet and the rest of our wonderful staff are here for you and will make sure it happens. If not, email me.

Al Lees
October 4, 2014